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When left unchecked, your mind defaults to self-sabotage, becoming a hidden source of underperformance and strained relationships. But with practice, you can command your mind to higher performance, without stress.

In this highly informative webinar recording, you’ll learn neuroscience-based solutions for maintaining Visionary boldness without sacrificing the possibilities, solving issues rapidly without losing quality, and executing Rocks with greater focus and less conflict.

Watch the transformative 45-minute webinar recording

You’ll discover:

  • The ways your mind unwittingly hinders your progress and how to take back control.

  • How to overcome obstacles faster, fuel the Visionary, and empower the Integrator — all while reducing stress.

  • A powerful technique that simultaneously boosts performance, leadership impact, and personal wellbeing.

Special guest appearances by an Expert EOS® Implementer, Visionary, and Integrator.

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Michael Burke

Michael Burke, Certified PQ Coach

Malia Monaco

Malia Monaco, PQ Sales Director

About the speakers

Michael Burke is a Certified PQ Coach and workshop facilitator. His insight into the power of the mind stems from three pivotal life experiences: working as a young executive leader, defying the odds of Cystic Fibrosis, and running marathons. He credits his triumphs and challenges to his degree of mental fitness. He’s uniquely dual-certified with Positive Intelligence. As an executive coach and keynote speaker, he offers impactful insights from his journey as well as practical strategies for stress-free high performance.

Malia Monaco found her home at Positive Intelligence after 23 years of serial entrepreneurship and earning a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She lives her mission every day by creating lasting positive change in the world, working with business owners and their teams to unlock their full potential. Malia’s diverse industry experience includes real estate, construction and development, family businesses, non-profits, digital marketing, business coaching, and consulting.

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