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Help shape a culture of mental fitness in your workplace
“If you’re not thinking about the mental fitness of your colleagues and teams, you need to be. We’re in the midst of a mental health crisis that’s taking a direct toll on our collective productivity and performance — but with the right approach, you can ignite positive change.”
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 — Shirzad Chamine
  Founder, Positive Intelligence

Check out some of our helpful resources for elevating your organization’s performance and wellbeing.

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Discover What’s Holding You Back

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative emotions in the way you handle life’s everyday challenges.

They represent automated patterns in your mind for how to think, feel, and respond. Causing you to feel stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, and unhappiness.

The first step to conquering your Saboteurs is to identify them and expose their lies and limiting beliefs.


Measure Your Mental Fitness

Your PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient, or Positivity Quotient for short) measures the relative strength of your positive versus negative mental muscles.

If you’re physically fit, you can climb steep hills without physical stress. If you’re mentally fit, you can handle life’s great challenges without mental stress, frustration, and other negative emotions.

Take the PQ Score assessment to discover how often your mind is serving vs. sabotaging you.